Thursday, September 1, 2011

Article on reading See, Now, Then 2011

Little Star 2
ALOUD photos April 2011
Reading of selections from See, Now, Then by Jamaica Kincaid
Kincaid is recognized as Mrs. Sweet (who speaks as Mrs. Hest). (article and photo credit)
The humor works because the fiction is read as true about Kincaid's life. The characters reference real people or at least real names. (All of the names are real in some way.") I think Mr. Mcgreggor might be a reference to Miss Potter's Peter Rabbit. She mentions (as Mrs.Sweet) the car that she is driving, which is a "Rabbit."

I don't think of myself as funny. It's a thrill and an honor that I've made you laugh."

She doesn't remember the first time she read this material. It was in Rome for the literary festival. 
(In a blog post published here on June 16.)

Jamaica Kincaid - Letteratura, Festival internazionale di Roma: "JAMAICA KINCAID

Participates at:
15 JUNE DESTINY - Life forms: choice and chance
Read: Il Decano e Mrs. Hess - Unpublished
Of: Jamaica Kincaid"

Jamaica Kincaid's theme for her June 15th reading was Destiny- Life forms: choice and chance. She read an unpublished work: "The Dean and Mrs. Hess." 

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